samedi 22 décembre 2012 Now a scam!

Yes, I know you have been paid before.
Yes, I know many have been paid.
But sadly, is now officially a scam. You're reading this correctly, is a scam.
This Christmas 2012, they added something to their website, this:
Your account has a warning ("Red Flag")
Meaning: You can't get paid. It's futile to contact the support, they won't reply. Typical scam.
Why they flag your account red? Thousands of people have been flagged red, most of them is a regular earner who spends money on the program. They just flag you red so you can't withdraw, period.

Adfocus is a scam, what else remains now?

jeudi 13 décembre 2012


This website uses the oldest scam on the book! Bans you when you request payout!

This website is a huge french scam!

It's a Pay To Preview program that is supposed to pay you for viewing pages.
I joined as a viewer and I was banned as soon as I requested my first payout of $1 ($0.2 fee) with no warning or notification. When I try to login, it says "account does not exist", simple as that.
And from what I've heard and personally tested, this website also scams it's publishers! Some of the traffic generated to them is fake and proxied. How I knew? The website pays people who use proxies or "ipflood".

They refused to answer any of my emails or contact attempts because you know... that's what scammers do!

You have been warned.

mardi 27 mars 2012

Investment scam: Fr2og Chat [Busted]

You might have heard of, it was a website where you get paid to chat, for every 500 lines you get 1 credit, and the value of the credit is dependent of the website's earnings.

At first, they didn't seem to be a scam, all thou they were scamming someone, Google!
Yep, they used to ask their members, in private chat to click 5 google ads every day, that was a requirement of getting paid!

And now, after someone reported them (which I'm glad for), they changed the requirements, you are required to invest in order to get paid and the weird thing is, you'll only get paid a % of your credits...
A 2% of your credit is worth like $2... so in order to get paid 100% you'll need $60 or something (they have discounts how nice!) and ... the credit value never ever reached $1!

They should be paying us to chat, you haven't been there but I was and the chat... is the lowest quality ever that'll make you go nuts!

You've been warned!

Shopping scam: Technodiscount24 Selling counterfeit items! [Semi-busted]

[Alertpay closed their account]
Yep, you guessed it, I have been sold a counterfeit nVidia graphic card.

This website sells a lot of them, matterfact, I think ALL of their graphic cards are counterfeit! Actually... I think all of their hardware is counterfeit, for obvious reasons.

Technodiscount24 is a scam
Technodiscount24 is a HUGE SCAM!

I bought an nVidia 9800 GT DDR 1GB (yep, I fell for it, no such thing as a DDR after the 8 series...) and instead I received a 7300 GT reflashed AND with a virus on the drivers CD!!!
Official nVidia drivers do not recognize this card and games performance is terrible!
Here's the pictures of a real nVidia 9800 GT 1GB (It's DDR3) :

Now here's what I got, notice the difference? (Dude there's a big fan hiding the content with a big samurai guy screaming on it!)
The weird thing is, they say they allow returns but I can't find any link on their main website, and when I contacted the support and they gave me the link, the page had a bug! How convenient!
You can check their fake inventory of graphic cards yourself at

And remember, whatever you do, do not shop there unless you like being scammed!